Emerging Leader

Begin your development as a socially responsible leader.

The Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) is a 2-year structured program that provides leading opportunities with Fortune 500 companies and dedicated mentorship from senior consultants in order to strengthen the experience of the talented emerging workforce.

Currently, we are able to grow Emerging Leaders in all three of our main expertise. Within PPM, our Emerging Leaders work alongside leaders of our organization to understand how to run projects efficiently and with integrity. A great number of our Emerging Leaders also work with in the SQM arena on our client's e-commerce website to identify and report bugs before the website is released to the customer. Lastly, in CEM, our Emerging Leaders develop content for our client's e-commerce website and sharpen his/her writing and editing skills. We anticipate further expanding this program as our firm continues to dive into new areas of opportunity.

Intern IN The AustinCSI Internship Program is a 10-week program that focuses on giving students an overview into the world of consulting through the eyes of a growing firm while helping them gain skills for the future. This provides an opportunity to learn from passionate, intelligent individuals devoted to your growth and success. The knowledge and confidence you gain will put you on the fast track and give an edge for your future career.

Recent Graduate RG As someone who has recently graduated college, it is very important to ensure you are with a firm that places high value on you and your development. At AustinCSI, we make the commitment to offer all the tools and support system you will need to grow at an accelerated rate. Simply put, this is an opportunity for you to take your career in your own hands and choose your road map throughout the firm. With many experienced professionals on our team, we have countless mentors who are passionate about your growth and success.

Early Career EC After a couple of years of experience, it is still important to chase the opportunity and focus on personal and professional growth. Due to our joy and passion for mentoring new professionals, we have expanded our Emerging Leaders Program to include consultants in their early career.