Project and Portfolio Delivery

Delivering projects with integrity and passion for our clients

Our Portfolio Delivery Model (PDM) approach extends traditional program and project management practices to promote action that drive realization of goals and objectives in a timely and cost effective manner. Right projects, right people, right responsibilities.


    Our resources are experienced in proactively anticipating typical project management barriers, leading to efficient risk mitigation and reduced schedule delays. Our experience, your wins.


    Our model focuses on driving through project roadblocks to achieve closure, rather than simply raising awareness; we get it done.


    Our team is experienced in identifying unmanageable issues and quickly providing a comprehensive, concise and actionable plan to leadership for direction. We bring solutions, not problems.

Evaluation: Candid feedback from our clients regarding our associates' hard and soft skills is very important to us, as both sets are essential to being a successful project manager and consultant. When the areas of improvement are identified, we leverage a group of seasoned professionals to provide the support for improvement. ​

Exposure: AustinCSI is working on exciting, complex, and, most of all, challenging initiatives for Fortune 50 companies. This work includes mobile applications, big data, cloud computing, and data center transformation. We also have positions in multiple methodologies that cover application development and infrastructure.

Training: At AustinCSI, we believe in investing in our associates. That is why we provide internal training to meet PDU requirements to ensure our associates retain their project management certifications. We provide a yearly, internal training program that allows project managers to obtain CAPM and PMP certifications.

Mobile First


Our Agile Consulting Service is built around the following goals: high performing and empowered teams, end to end functionality, speed to market and iterative delivery of features.

Mobile First

Project Management as a Service

Our Project Management as a Service (PMaaS) offering leverages a combination of proven methodology, best practices, governance, and continuous improvement to drive execution across the client organization.