Software Quality Management

Ensuring quality in all of our projects.

We take a specialized, individualistic approach to each of our clients to ensure the value we provide to our clients revolves around their needs. We know the difference between working on SQM or working in SQM and bring the right expertise and skills forward to support either.

Working on SQM

    When a company works on SQM, the focus should be on the tasks, activities, and processes related to the delivery of their software products. Analysis is performed on existing activities and areas around their software development life cycle processes to determine weaknesses and areas of for improvement.

Working in SQM

    Our consultants working within SQM can gain enormous development. Currently, the majority of our consultants work in SQM at our client locations on the quality control related assignments. Ultimately, the objective of testing is to provide awareness of the state of the software product that will be delivered to the end user.

Technical Knowledge and Expertise: AustinCSI's commitment is that each of our consultants develop the functional and industry knowledge of the businesses they work in. From here, they utilize their increasing skill-sets across different projects and industries.

Functional and Industry Knowledge: Our consultants within the SQM realm have grown a strong technical knowledge and expertise of the different environments we operate in. This allows our consultants to continuously acquire new proficiency.

Quality Management Office: Provides Quality as a Service (QaaS), which activates Service Level Agreements (SLAs) so products that are delivered on-time to production with limited defects.